Do you offer a delivery and collection service for heavy parcels?​

Yes. Because every delivery differs, we handle parcels and pallets up to 1000kg. Pallets and parcels of unusual weights and shapes are no problem for us. Please call our office for an accurate quote and confirmation.

What hazardous products will you handle?​

The short answer is “we don’t”. There are companies specialising in delivering hazardous goods, and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with one. If you’re unsure about the product you’re sending, it’s best to play safe and ask your local team for advice.

What special export documentation do I need if I'm exporting?​

All international shipments will now require a full commercial invoice. If you have any specific queries on our international service, email for specialist advice.

How do I arrange a delivery or collection?

You’ve got three choices. You can call your local team who will arrange everything. You can use the ASK4 COURIERS website. Or you can send your request via email at

Do you offer a pallet delivery service?

Yes. We can send pallets up to 1000kg stacked to a maximum of 6ft high. A Euro pallet service is also available. Please ensure a forklift is available for collection and at the delivery destination.

Do you offer an extended-length delivery service?

Yes, we can handle lengths up to 6m. Don’t forget, the item and its packaging must not exceed this length.

How do you manage to cover the entire UK?

ASK4 COURIERS operates with our vehicle plus an extended nationwide network, including hundreds of owner-drivers who are checked and vetted members of our network and work under the ASK4 COURIERS brand.

What vehicles do ASK4 COURIERS use?

We have immediate access to vehicles ranging from small vans to 44T arctics in less than an hour.

How can I pay?

We accept most major credit/debit cards, including bank transfers, securely online.

Can I have an account with you?

We would consider opening an account if you are likely to spend £1500 + Vat or more per month. However, your first delivery must be pre-paid, as new accounts take three days to process.

Do you operate at weekends and out of regular hours?

We work 24-7. The Bookings department is open from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 8 pm. However, we can collect and deliver at any time, evenings or weekends. If you have an urgent out-of-hours booking, someone is usually on duty evenings and weekends, so if you require an immediate collection, give us a call.

Can you deliver my goods on the same day?

Yes, we are primarily a same-day delivery company. Our dedicated vans and trucks will deliver your consignment the same day we collect them. We provide a personal courier with a dedicated vehicle.

ASK4 COURIERS cover nationwide delivery?

Yes, we can deliver your parcels, pallets, essential documents, and packages across
the entire mainland UK: however, we cover Northern Ireland. We always aim to collect at a time to suit your needs.

Do ASK4 COURIERS provide proof of delivery?

Yes, we send confirmation via email when your driver is dispatched and when the goods are collected and delivered, complete with the name, time and date.

What is the refund policy for booked services?

When a confirmed booking is cancelled any time BEFORE a courier has been allocated, you will incur our standard cancellation fee of £30.00 excluding Vat. Any balance remaining will be credited back to the cardholder’s account.
When a confirmed booking is cancelled AFTER a courier has been allocated, you will incur a cancellation fee for the cancelled booking equivalent to 50% of the original booking amount, including Vat. You would be entitled to a 50% refund of the actual booking charge.

What happens when an alternative vehicle is supplied?

Suppose for any reason. We are unable to supply the requested vehicle on a booking. In that case, we will automatically upgrade the booking to a Dedicated Service and allocate an alternative vehicle which may be closer (nearer) to the collection point.

Can I get a quote online?

Yes. Our website,, will allow us to email the quote straight to your email address with a booking link. Quotes sent by email are valid until 5.30 pm the same day. After this time, just revisit our website for a new quote to be sent to you by email.the entire mainland UK: however, we cover Northern Ireland. We always aim to collect at a time to suit your needs.

Can I book a same-day courier over the phone?

Yes. Just call 01246 708022 to speak to a dedicated customer service team member.

Can you make multiple drops on one booking?

Yes, for a bespoke multi-drop service, please ask our customer service team.

Can you book a wait and return courier service?

Yes, just select the wait & return option on the booking page for a wait and return service.

Do I need to set up an account to book a same-day courier?

No, you do not require an account to book any service. You can book any service by phone by calling our booking number 01246 708022. If you wish to register for an account, please register your business to access all our services.

Why should I open an account?

Applying for a credit account with us is quick and easy. It helps you minimise the time spent booking future same-day express collections with us. Furthermore, online accounts benefit from an instant quote and booking system, the full range of accounting reports, used address details and instant access to previous bookings with all address contact information.

Should I package my items?

We prefer that all goods are well packaged, and sharp protruding edges should be protected, reducing the risk of damage to other items sent during transit.

Are you able to transport any consignment?

We can deliver most items due to the nature of same-day delivery. However, there are some items we cannot transport for obvious reasons: for example, radioactive waste, live animals, organs, and other things due to their high value.